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You Did It! Thanks to your votes, GLSEN to win $250,000 to make 10,000 schools safe for LGBT youth

When the clock struck midnight last night the votes were tallied and thanks to a huge push yesterday by GLSEN and our allies online, we bumped GLSEN up to #2, making it a finalist for one of two $250,000 grants in the Pepsi Refresh campaign. Thank you for doing better for LGBT youth! 

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The It Gets Better Book is Out: Order your copy today!

“It Gets Better: The Book” is coming out March 22nd, six months after we launched the project. The book is a collection of stories from many people you recognize and some people you don’t, but each and every story will touch you, move you and encourage you to do better for LGBT youth. Pre-order the book today to ensure you get a first edition copy! 

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Three DC Restaurants to Donate 10% of Profits to the “It Gets Better Project”

Commissary, Logan Tavern and The Heights (all part of EatWellDC) are promoting Monday, January 31st, 2011 as "It Gets Better" night and will donate 10% of their proceeds to help LGBT youth. If you are in the DC-area (Logan Circle or Columbia Heights) we hope to see you on Monday! 

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South Dakota Public Radio: Suicide risk decreases with societal understanding and acceptance

Earlier this week a forum was held in Rapid City, South Dakota on how many young adults say the have felt despair at varying levels, but they got through it with the support of friends and family and an increasing acceptance in society.  

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Out UK Rugby Star Gareth Thomas stops by It Gets Better LA Office, tapes his “It Gets Better” video

Last week UK rubgy star Gareth Thomas stopped by our Los Angeles office after being interviewed by Ellen. Check out his amazing interview with Ellen and his It Gets Better video. 

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NJ passes “toughest” anti-bullying bill in USA; other states look to replicate

Earlier this week, Gov. Chris Christie signed what advocates are calling the nation's toughest anti-bullying bill into law. The bill includes protections for LGBT youth. As new sessions begin in state legislatures across the country, other states are looking at the New Jersey bill to see how they should formulate their own bills to do better for LGBT youth. 

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Merry Christmas—12 Must see “It Gets Better” videos with the family!

As we celebrate Christmas we remember friends and family who have been there for us our entire lives -- the people who helped make it better for us. But in this time of need we also recognize the millions of LGBT youth who may not have supportive families to come home to. This Christmas is for you. Check out 12 "It Gets Better" videos for the family then share with us your holiday stories and memories. 

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Need a Stocking Stuffer?

Donations to It Gets Better Project are tax deductible. Your gift will save a life. Help make it better by donating and spreading the word. 

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