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International Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today we stand together as one community to remember and honor the lives cut short by anti-transgender intimidation and violence. Join us in spreading these videos of some amazing transgender It Gets Better Project supporters. Thank you for providing hope! 

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Vice President Joe Biden: It Gets Better

Vice President Joe Biden posts his It Gets Better video while talking about his own troubled childhood. 

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The 5 Most Viewed New Videos of the Week

We saw the 'Bully' from Glee and a running group in New York this week, but we also saw hundreds of other videos this week. Did you see one you liked? Please comment and we'll post a few more later in the day! 

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Courage: Graeme Taylor, 14 stands up for teacher at Howell, MI School Board Meeting

If you only watch one video today, this is it. Thank you for standing up for your teacher Graeme and thank you Mr. McDowell for standing up to bullying in your school. This world needs more people like you two -- people who are making it better. 

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Honoring All Our Veterans

Today we honor millions of veterans who fought for our country -- for those who lived and sacrificed. Whether you were straight, gay, lesbian, bi or trans, you had the courage to stand up for something bigger than yourself. Those of you who hope to serve or who are currently serving, we salute you. 

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The 5 Most Popular New Videos

Have a favorite of your own? Leave a comment and we'll promote it a bit more online. 

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NYT: Ke$ha and Katy Perry Sing for Gay Rights

Friday's New York Times featured a story about how new pop songs from Ke$ha, Katy Perry and Pink and being directed to a new generation of LGBT youth and may empower them to create the next gay rights movement. 

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Suze Orman joins It Gets Better Project, Launches Video

CNBC's Suze Orman Joins the It Gets Better Project, check out the video she just sent us! 

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