April 2016: It Gets Better Global News

We bring you monthly updates about the It Gets Better Project and our affiliates around the world. Check out the great news from April 2016 below.


GLOBAL: This month, the It Gets Better Project and our international affiliates joined forces with dozens of organizations and millions of people around the world to commemorate two major moments for LGBT youth. The first was GLSEN's Day of Silence (April 15), a student-led national event to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling,  bullying, and harassment in schools. 

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The second was #40toNoneDay (April 27), a national day created by the True Colors Fund to raise public awareness about LGBT youth homelessness. Please join us next year, and every year after that, until we've eliminated these challenges for good.

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One way to help bring awareness to the issues mentioned above is by continuing to support the stories of LGBT people in the media. That's why we're so happy to continue partnering with The Real O'Neals, an ABC original show about a young guy's struggles to be out to his Irish Catholic family. Here's Noah (the star of the show) and our interns at a recent screening of the series at The Abbey Food & Bar in West Hollywood.

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We also joined forces with the UNICEF U-Report Global team to help recruit the voices of LGBT young people speaking out against bullying. Always remember: even when you're young, your #VoiceMatters.

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Not to mention, fans of the Powderpuff Girls almost broke the Internet in April! This time it wasn't by "Saving the World Before Bedtime" but by posting their own P-Girls avatars all over social media. We jumped in on the fun and asked some of our LGBT young followers from around the world to send us their own avatars. How stinkin' adorable are these?!


COLOMBIA: It's official! As of April 28, 2016, marriage equality became the law of the land in Colombia thanks to a 6-3 vote in the Surpreme Court. The decision effectively grants same-sex couples the right to marry, and orders all judges and nortaries to grant such couples with marriage licenses. Congratulations to all our friends at It Gets Better Colombia!

PERU: Who can forget Shakira's 2005 super hit "La Tortura" featuring Alejandro Sanz?! I mean, the song won two Latin Grammy Awards in 2006, was the biggest selling song of the year on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs list, and is Shakira's #6 (and Alejandro's #1) most successful song of all time.

Well, the man with that incredible voice just shared his it gets better message with our friends at It Gets Better Perú (available only in Spanish). We like to think that this is now his greatest hit of all time. What about you?

CHILE: We're so excited to welcome Pilar Zurita, the newest Executive Director of Todo Mejora (Chile), to our international family. She is the country's first lesbian to ever direct a mixed LGBT organization. Wow! Congratulations, Pilar! Click on the picture below to learn more about this incredible woman.


But that's not all! Another Spanish-language singer just made their first it gets better video, too. This one come froms Chilean singer, Álvaro López (available only in Spanish). ¡No te lo pierdes!


MEXICO: "Different name, same mission!" Recently our affiliate in Mexico changed the first part of their name from "Todo Mejora" to "It Gets Better" in an effort to show more solidarity and cohesiveness with our international message and mission. We welcome the change and hope it brings great success to our friends in Mexico. Congratulations!


Not to mention, It Gets Better México recently co-hosted an event in Mexico City with General Electric to discuss methods to prevent suicide among Mexico's LGBT youth. Thank you, General Electric, for your support of our community. 

SPAIN: It was National Lesbian Visibility Day in Spain on April 26, and It Gets Better España celebrated the occasion by sharing new and original content across social media with the message: "I Am Visible, What About You?" Here's one of their best videos from the co-founder of LesWorking, a Spanish lesbian networking organization.

They also took part in the inauguration of the new "Office for Diversity of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity" for LGBT students at Complutense University in Madrid, one of the biggest universities in Spain. Read more about it (in Spanish) here.


GREECE: Sherry Vine, a famous American drag performer, recently was with our friends at It Gets Better Greece to celebrate their first official party! We're so jealous we weren't there, but thankfully she left a short message for LGBTI kids everywhere.

PORTUGAL: Our Portuguese affiliate, Tudo Vai Melhorar, is currently working on their own version of the series "It Got Better" starring local LGBT celebirites. They're still shooting episodes for the series - called Já Melhoro - but the internet is already abuzz! Check out this article to see all about it.


MOLDOVA: IT'S EUROVISION TIME, the gayest of all televised events! And this year - for the first time ever! - it will be broadcast in the United States, too. Here's a throwback video (brought to us by our affiliate, Egali) featuring Loreen, a 2012 contestant from Moldova.

AUSTRIA: Or while you're at it, check out this video from Conchita Wurst - the winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest - brought to us by Es Wird Besser Österreich, our affiliate in Austria.

SWITZERLAND: Meanwhile, Es Wird Besser Schweiz, our affiliate in Switzerland, made it on to the pages of Pride Magazine! If you happen to make it to a Starbucks in Zurich soon, check it out.

ITALY: And in Italy last week, our friends at Le Cose Cambiano marched alongside Rainbow Families to spread the message that all families are equal. It was a great day for a flashmob, tons of balloons, and endless laughter!

Alla Festa delle famiglie 🌈🌈🌈

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We're extremely proud of our achievements in April 2016. We look forward to bringing you more great news soon!

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