Best of 2015: Videos from Around the World

The It Gets Better Project and our international affiliates create and collect a lot of videos, all in the hopes that they'll help empower LGBT youth. Take a look at the best (in this case, "Most Viewed") videos from each of our countries in 2015.


Portia De Rossi, Actress (United States)

262,069 views on YouTube. 

Portia's video was one of six videos released in summer 2015 for season two of "It Got Better," the evocative webseries from L/Studio and the producers of "Web Therapy." The series features notable LGBT pioneers as they recount their personal journeys from struggle to success. To see more, go to


"Let Them Say What They Want to Say" Music Video (Chile)

10,518 views on YouTube

Each March, the It Gets Better Project's affilaite in Chile, Todo Mejora, throws an annual awards show to honor individuals, groups, and institutions that are making Chile a more accepting and inclusive place for LGBT youth. In 2015, an incredible team of popular Chilean artists - including (Me llamo) Sebastián, Javiera Contador, Francisco Reyes, Fernanda Urrejola, Andrés Caniulef, Francisca Valenzuela, and Julio Jung Duvauchelle - came together to record this video (available in Spanish) in celebration of diversity.


Lemus, YouTuber, "Letter to My Past Self" (Mexico)

10,193 views on Youtube

Lemus, who affectionately refers to his followers as 'Lemurs,' is a popular Mexican YouTuber who identifies as a "singer with a ton of things to say." In this video (available in Spanish) Lemus speaks to his 15-year-old self, sharing advice on how to best overcome difficult challenges as a gay teen.


A Message of Hope for LGBT Youth (Ecuador)

4,759 views on Youtube

The It Gets Better Project's affiliate, Todo Mejora Ecuador, was launched on May 17, 2015 in celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, & Biphobia (IDAHOT). Here's a special message (available in Spanish) from the affiliate's team of allies and supporters that they shared to commemorate the occasion. 


"Marriage Equality? Marriage Equality!" (Austria)

2,903 views on YouTube

LGBT activists and advocates in Austria took to the streets of Vienna to ask passers-by a simple question: "What would change in your life if two men or two women got married?" The majority of their answers were just as simple: "not much." According to recent polls, the majority of Austrians would agree, so isn't it about time they had marriage equality? (Available in Austrian German.)

Giovanna Donini, Writer (Italy)

1,932 views on YouTube

Giovanna is an Italian television writer and a columnist for Vanity Fair Italia. Her column, Diversamente Etero ("Otherwise Straight"), is a sort of tragic-comedy diary full of anecdotes that dispel stereotypes and reveal the point of view of a woman who is "otherwise straight." Her hilarious it gets better video below (available in Italian) shouldn't be missed!


U.S. Ambassador Robert A. Sherman (Portugal)

934 views on YouTube

In honor of Suicide Prevention Month in September 2015, the Ambassador Sherman joined our list of friends from the U.S. State Department who share their support for LGBT people and their rights in countries around the world. (His video is available in English and Portuguese with subtitles.)

Pedro Zerolo, Activist (Spain)

932 views on YouTube

Pedro Zerolo has been one of the most influential LGBT activists in Spain, and a key player in helping to bring marriage equality to the country. Although he past away earlier this year, his legacy will live on in his powerful words of love and support for LGBT youth. (Available in Spanish.)


A Call to March (Moldova)

793 views on YouTube

In summer 2015, Moldova celebrated it's 14th annual Pride events, as well as its 3rd annual LGBT March for Equality, in the capital city of Chisinau. This video was the official invitation to activists and allies across Eastern Europe encouraging them to join the LGBT community in Moldova for this momentous occasion. (Available in Romanian, Russian, and English.)


"I am/I am not...What is Trans?" (Switzerland)

534 views on YouTube

When Caitlyn Jenner came out in 2015, she helped bring trans issues to the forefront of public discourse. Now many people are asking, "What does it mean to be trans?" Members of the global trans community are not shying away from such questions, but facing them head on, like these voices in Switzerland. (Available in Swiss German.)

It Gets Better Colombia launches on #GivingTuesday 2015!

515 views on YouTube

On #GivingTuesday 2015, the It Gets Better Project launched the newest addition to its international network of affiliates around the world: It Gets Better Colombia! This is the 6th It Gets Better installment in Latin America following the creation of projects in Chile, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, and Ecuador. (Available in Spanish.)


#IDon'tDiscriminate Campaign (Paraguay)

249 views on YouTube

In late 2014, an initiative was presented before the Chamber of Senators in Paraguay to extend rights and privleges to historically marginalized peoples, including those in the LGBT community. Unfortunatley, this initative did not pass, but activists in Paraguay haven't given up. Thanks to our friends at Amnesty International Paraguay, here's the story of Ramón Gonzalez from our affiiliate Todo Mejora Paraguay, sharing why he supports a law against all forms of discrimination.