After 51,138 miles, 342 days and 55 interviews, lesbian couple Jennifer Chang and Lisa Dazols created a hopeful and touching look at LGBT life around the world in their film “Out & Around.” The documentary partnership with the It Gets Better Project follows Jennifer and Lisa on a year-long trip interviewing LGBT global leaders from more than a dozen countries. “Out & Around” had its television premiere on Logo on Monday, August 17, 2015.

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About Out & Around

“The momentum from other countries promotes a ripple effect empowering other countries to want to follow equality environments. There are more models, examples of people living out. The Voices of LGBT are getting stronger. In the end Love will win out.” - Lisa

When Jenni and Lisa first fell in love, they vowed to follow a life of adventure. However, this eBay Business Manager and HIV Social Worker had no idea that their promise would lead them on a year-long adventure across fifteen countries, spanning Asia, Africa, Australia and South America in search of the people who are leading the international movement for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality. Jenni and Lisa’s poignant personal story is reflected in the global issues they encounter on their incredible journey.

Though neither had any experience with filmmaking, Jenni and Lisa decided to pick up a camera and document nearly 120 hours of video footage. The result is a universal story of hope that combines video-journal footage and unprecedented interviews with the LGBT leaders pioneering the movement for social justice across the developing world.

Highlights include Jenni and Lisa’s interview with Prince Manvendra, India’s first openly gay prince who came out on Oprah; a look at Michael Kimindu, the reverend with Other Sheep Afrika-Kenya, working to combat religious based homophobia in East Africa; and a chat with Bhumika Shrestha, a transgender activist in Nepal, who gives insight into Nepal’s supreme court decision allowing for transgender identity cards and gay marriage.

OUT & AROUND is set to a soundtrack featuring Macklemore & Mary Lambert; Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Tegan & Sara; Cayucas; and Moby with Abbie Cornish lending her voice as narrator. The support of these collaborations represent the magnetism encapsulated by the story of Jenni & Lisa’s inspiring journey.