Timeline: How It's Gotten Better

June 2016

  • The Stonewall Inn, the Birthplace of LGBTQ Movement, Becomes National Monument
  • Miss Missouri 2016 Becomes First Openly Gay Miss America Contestant

May 2016

  • Canadian Conservatives Vote to Official Opposition to Gay Marriage
  • Vermont Bans Use of “Ex-Gay” Therapy on Minors
  • “Queer Enlightenment” exhibit opens at the World’s First Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art
  • US Senate Confirms Eric Fanning, First Openly Gay Army Secretary

April 2016

  • First Gay Police Office in Chile To Celebrate A Civil Union
  • Target Welcomes Transgender Customers and Employees to Use Bathroom Matching Gender Identity

March 2016

  • Delaware Prohibits Limits On Transgender Health Coverage
  • New York Board Welcomes Gay Clergy Candidates

February 2016

  • Puerto Rico confirms first lesbian Supreme Court justice

January 2016

  • First LGBT member of Guatemala Congress takes office
  • Montana Governor signs executive order protecting LGBT state employees

December 2015

  • Utah grants its first common-law marriage to same sex couple

November 2015

  • Vietnam Law Change Introduces Transgender Rights
  • First Openly Gay Mayor is Elected in Salt Lake City
  • Ireland Officially Recognizes Same-Sex Marriages
  • Colombia Court Rules Same-Sex Couples Must Be Allowed to Adopt Children

October 2015

  • New LGBT Newspaper Launches in L.A.
  • U.S. Vice President Joe Biden Backs Transgender Military Service

September 2015

  • Doritos Releases Rainbow-Colored Chips with the It Gets Better Project to Celebrate LGBT Pride

August 2015

  • White House Hires First Transgender Staffer

July 2015

  • San Diego declares July LGBT Pride Month
  • Pope Francis praises gay children’s book

June 2015

  • United States Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage Nationwide
  • Guam becomes first U.S. territory to legalize same-sex marriage
  • US Air Force becomes first military branch to allow out transgender soldiers
  • ‘Call me Caitlyn’ – Transgender hero Caitlyn Jenner featured on Vanity Fair’s cover

May 2015

  • Ireland becomes first country ever to legalize same-sex marriage by national referendum
  • Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel becomes European Union’s first leader to enter same-se
  • Oxford English Dictionary adds gender-neutral honorific to represent transgender community

April 2015

  • Sgt. Shane Ortega honored as US military’s first openly transgender soldier
  • President Barack Obama and administration support LGBT youth by publically calling for end to harm
  • The White House opens its first gender-neutral bathroom
  • Patricia Velasquez becomes world’s first out Latina Lesbian Supermodel

March 2015

  • Corporate giants in Australia come out in support of gay marriage
  • Tokyo ward 1st in Japan to recognize same sex marriage
  • Ireland approves same-sex adoption in landmark decision
  • Sweden adds gender-neutral pronoun to dictionary

February 2015

  • U.S. Appoints First-Ever Special Envoy For LGBT Rights
  • Kate Brown becomes America’s first bisexual governor
  • The first-ever LGBT internet domain launches
  • Transgender individuals in Pakistan allowed to identify as such when voting
  • University of Vermont becomes first school to implement third ‘gender neutral’ option

January 2015

  • ‘Lesbian,’ ‘bisexual,’ and ‘transgender’ said for first time ever in State of the Union address
  • Thailand to recognize ‘third gender’ in new constitution
  • First transgender mayor elected in central India
  • Same-sex marriage made legal in Luxembourg

December 2014

  • Scotland’s first same-sex weddings held on New Year’s Eve
  • Olympic Committee adds sexual orientation to Olympic Charter to protect athletes

November 2014

  • Finland legalizes gay marriage
  • Victory for Transgender Community in Mexico City

October 2014

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook “proud” to come out as gay
  • First ever Applachian Queer Film Festival held in West Virginia
  • Largest city in Philippines to expand LGBT protections

September 2014

  • Serbia Gay Pride march returns after four years
  • First transgender news anchor in India
  • Obama appoints lesbian as chief technical officer
  • Denmark passes groundbreaking gender self-determination law

August 2014

  • Facebook adds new gender-neutral family options
  • Colombian lesbian couple allowed to adopt child
  • Ecuadorian President defends civil union rights
  • Mills College strengthens commitment to transgender inclusiveness
  • Israel allows Jews to immigrate with same-sex spouses

July 2014

  • Virginia’s marriage equality ban ruled unconstitutional
  • Maryland covers trans-specific healthcare for state employees
  • New law allows NYC transgender citizens access to gender-affirming ID
  • Denver now issuing same-sex marriage licenses

June 2014

  • Presbyterian Church votes to allow gay marriages
  • Puerto Rico appoints first openly jay justice to supreme court
  • India’s Trans population counted for first time in election
  • African Human Rights Commission passes LGBT resolution on equality
  • National Park Services launch LGBT history initiative
  • Gay marriage takes effect statewide in Illinois

May 2014

  • South African president appoints the country’s first lesbian cabinet minister
  • Africa elects first gay member of parliament
  • Washington’s High Court swears in first openly gay justice
  • International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia takes place in over 120 countries
  • Cuba hosts international LGBT conference
  • White House launches LGBT-inclusive sexual assault resources

April 2014

  • United Methodist Church approves same-sex marriage benefits
  • US married gay couples file joint federal tax returns for the first time
  • Minnesota governor signs anti-bullying bill that covers LGBT students
  • Federal Judge rules gays are protected by sex discrimination laws

March 2014

  • Government to recognize Michigan gay marriages
  • Guinness and Sam Adams withdraw sponsorship of anti-LGBT St. Patrick’s Day parades
  • Obamacare covers married gay couples under family plan
  • Obama administration orders insurers to cover same-sex spouses
  • Santa Fe elects first out mayor

February 2014

  • Jason Collins becomes first out player to play in NBA game
  • First trans girl plays on CA high school softball team
  • Facebook introduces custom gender field
  • Judge rules that Kentucky must recognize out-of-state marriages of same-sex couples

January 2014

  • Europe eliminates last law criminalizing gay sex
  • Israel legalizes surrogacy for same-sex couples
  • US judges rule that jurors cannot be excluded because they are gay
  • Scotland removes spousal veto requirement from legal gender recognition
  • CeCe McDonald released from prison
  • Virginia governor signs LGBT nondiscrimination order for state employees
  • Germany’s first out lesbian cabinet member comes out

December 2013

  • Boy Scouts lift ban on gay scouts
  • Fort Bragg hosts first same-sex union
  • New Mexico Supreme Court declares statewide marriage equality
  • Netherlands bans forced sterilization, lowers age of consent for transition
  • Billie Jean King appointed to US Olympic Delegation to Sochi
  • Louisiana National Guard extends benefits to same-sex spouses
  • Connecticut requires health insurance companies to include trans medical coverage

November 2013

  • Gay men’s chorus forms in Fargo-Moorehead
  • Houston offers benefits to same-sex spouses
  • Sally Ride posthumously awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom; her partner accepts
  • Texas’s Harris County adopts LGBT inmate policy
  • Gay people from certain African countries entitled to asylum in EU
  • Seattle and Atlantic City elect first openly gay mayors
  • Illinois gains marriage equality
  • Philadelphia passes law requiring gender-neutral bathrooms

October 2013

  • First jurisdiction in Australia legalizes same-sex marriage
  • New Zealand appoints diplomat to protect LGBT athletes
  • A same-sex couple legally adopts for the first time in France
  • Portland, OR sports teams are the first to endorse same-sex marriage
  • The It Gets Better Project hosts its second annual Google+ National Coming Out Day Hangout

September 2013

  • Argentinean 6-year-old is the youngest in the country to amend her legal gender
  • First same-sex marriages happen in Colombia
  • Largest labor federation in US adds protection for trans workers
  • UK Toys ‘R’ Us stops gendering children’s toys
  • San Antonio passes non-discrimination ordinance
  • Lesbian swimming Diana Nyad completes historic swim at 64

August 2013

  • New Jersey outlaws gay conversion therapy for minors
  • Germany Adds Third Gender Option To Birth Certificates
  • The Pentagon extends military marriage benefits to same-sex partners
  • American Bar Association Asks Lawyers Passes Resolution Against “Gay Panic” Defense
  • California’s Transgender Student Bill Passes
  • Out Athletes Host Sports Camp for LGBT Youth
  • First couple registers for newly legal same-sex marriage in Uruguay
  • Rhode Island and Minnesota legalize same-sex marriage
  • Rhode Island and Minnesota legalize same-sex marriage

July 2013

  • Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu backs gay equality
  • MLB bolsters policies against harassment and discrimination over sexual orientation
  • Marriage equality becomes law in England and Wales
  • TransLife Center, First-Of-Its-Kind Trans Housing Center, Opens On Chicago’s North Side
  • Trans workers use Civil Rights Act’s protections to fight employment discrimination
  • Lebanon becomes first Arab country to declare being gay is not a disease and needs no treatment
  • Historic LGBT non-discrimination act clears Senate committee
  • Former NBA star becomes first person to sign Florida Equal Marriage Amendment petition
  • California Senate OK’s wide-ranging protections for transgender students
  • First same-sex spouse granted green card

June 2013

  • Court allows same-sex marriages to resume in California
  • YouTube Celebrates Gay Pride With ‘Proud To Love’
  • Seattle Mariners fly gay pride flag during game against Chicago Cubs
  • President Obama applauds LGBT victories at Supreme Court
  • Supreme Court strikes down DOMA and Prop8, advancing rights for millions of gay couples
  • “Ex-Gay” ministry apologizes to LGBT community and halts operations
  • Delaware passes trans protections, with help from a young advocate
  • Alaska’s Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski backs gay marriage
  • Mayor of Baltimore officiates mass wedding for 21 couples during Pride week
  • President Obama invites gay dads to White House Father’s Day celebration
  • Caterpillar ends Boy Scout support due to gay ban
  • Nike releases Pride-themed shoe and clothing line, will donate profits to LGBT Sports Coalition
  • Majority of Catholics and Mainline Protestants support marriage equality
  • Education policy overhaul aims to protect gay students

May 2013

  • University of IL-Chicago approves a student insurance plan that covers gender reassignment surgery
  • NASA employees unveil their It Gets Better video with George Takei
  • Hundreds celebrate France’s first gay marriage
  • Massachusetts teen becomes high school’s first transgender prom queen
  • Out college basketball player happy being just one of the guys
  • Puerto Rico legislature approves antidiscrimination bill
  • Gay rights movement growing in Egypt
  • Peace Corps to open application to same-sex couples
  • Church of Scotland votes to allow gay ministers
  • Portugal approves adoption rights for same-sex spouses
  • Brazilian court says gay unions must be registered as marriages
  • Minnesota becomes 12th State to legalize same-sex marriages
  • Philly Mayor Michael Nutter signs bill expanding city’s anti-discrimination to include LGBT people
  • Trans visibility campaign launched in China
  • Gay Navy couple talks about overwhelming support in military
  • Famous Mexican gay couple leads the way on gay adoptions
  • Delaware becomes 11th state to legalize gay marriage
  • Transgender teens gain admission to high school sports teams
  • WNBA player Britney Griner posts her It Gets Better video and opinion piece in the New York Times
  • Hillcrest & San Diego plan for LGBT historical monument at Hillcrest Pride Flag site
  • Rhode Island becomes 10th state to legalize gay marriage
  • Yale adds sex-rassignment surgery to student health plan coverage
  • Legal civil unions granted for same-sex couples in Colorado
  • National gay athlete hall of fame launched in Chicago

April 2013

  • Vermont orders insurers to cover gender reassignment surgery
  • NBA player Jason Collins comes out as first openly gay professional male athlete in major sport
  • Idaho revises requirements for gender markers on driver’s licenses
  • Nike signs openly gay athlete, WNBA star Brittney Griner
  • French parliament legalizes gay marriage, gay adoption for citizens
  • Eric Fanning gains 2nd-highest civilian position as first openly gay Undersecretary in US Air Force
  • Gay marriage passed in New Zealand
  • Med schools in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh teaching courses on LGBT patient care
  • NHL forms partnership with You Can Play to create more LGBT inclusive sport
  • DC Comics introduces first openly transgender character in issue #19 of Batgirl comic
  • Cali enforces health insurance coverage for transition-related treatment for trans* patients
  • We Happy Trans & This is H.O.W. unveil ‘Trans 100 list’, honoring transgender pioneers
  • Texas transgender student wins right to wear dress and heels to prom

March 2013

  • Oregon’s Grant High School creates gender-neutral restrooms for Transgender students
  • American Academy of Pediatrics releases statement saying same-sex marriage is in kids’ best interest
  • US Senator reverses stance on same-sex marriage after son comes out
  • Newspaper photo editor defends his decision to feature CO politician kissing partner on front page
  • Microsoft Outlook’s newest commercial features lesbian wedding
  • UFC’s Rashad Evans comes forward as ally, supports gay marriage
  • Mexico rules anti-gay slurs are not protected under freedom of speech laws
  • Fallon Fox, MMA Fighter, comes out as transgender

February 2013

  • LGBT people will receive first-ever domestic violence protections under VAWA
  • First NYC LGBT Lions club receives honor
  • University of Rhode Island set to build LGBT center
  • Massachusetts schools to receive ‘unisex’ restrooms for trans* and gender non-conforming students
  • Indonesia offers ‘world-first’ home for transgender elderly
  • President honors late PFLAG Founder with Citizens Medal
  • French Assembly passes gay marriage, adoption bill
  • Metro Phoenix businesses back LGBT workplace equality

January 2013

  • Poet Richard Blanco becomes first Hispanic and openly gay person to deliver Inaugural Poem
  • Gay Veteran David Hall, discharged under DADT, honored at 57th Presidential Inauguration
  • President Barack Obama calls for “greater equality for all” during Inauguration speech
  • High school senior comes out to 300+ students in acceptance speech for superlative
  • French Elle Magazine releases ‘Marriage for All’ issue, highlighting support for gay marriage
  • Oregon announces comprehensive plan to cover Trans Youth Under Medicaid
  • Out lesbian, Pia Sundhage, voted 2012 FIFA World Coach of the Year for Women’s Football

December 2012

  • Mexico lifts blood donation ban for Gay and Bisexual Men
  • UC Hastings Law School names married lesbian veterna, Elizabeth L. Hillman, as new dean
  • University of Notre Dame recognizes first LGBTQ student group on campus
  • Jet Magazine features First male couple in Weddings Section
  • University of Iowa first public university to include admission question asking sexual orientation

November 2012

  • Gay-friendly mosque opens in Paris
  • Obama nominates first openly gay Latina Judge to Federal Court
  • San Francisco offers transgender health care in city’s universal plan
  • St. Louis passes non-discrimination ordinance to include sexual orientation & gender identity
  • New Hampshire elects nation’s first out transgender lawmaker
  • Minnesota first state to shoot down an amendment against marriage equality
  • Tammy Baldwin first openly Lesbian person elected to Senate
  • Marriage equality legalized in Maine, Maryland, and Washington

October 2012

  • Lamba Legal creates app of LGBT rights to clarify and allow instant access of state & national laws
  • In Northern Ireland, unmarried & same sex couples legally allowed to adopt children
  • Dan Savage, Ben Cohen, Janet Mock & others host Google+ Hangout in honor of National Coming Out Day
  • The second It Gets Better special airs on MTV & Logo
  • GMA Weatherman Sam Champion comes out on air by announcing engagement to boyfriend
  • Sally Field accepts Human Rights Campaign’s Ally for Equality Award in Washington, D.C.
  • California bans conversion therapy, prohibiting attempting to change sexual orientation of youth

September 2012

  • One year anniversary of the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” reveals no negative reprocussions
  • Over 50 LGBT groups raise $75,000 to help immigrant youth get documents to stay in the US
  • Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo promotes LGBT rights & supports Equality Maryland
  • ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ comic to include first gay male character to the series in season nine

August 2012

  • San Francisco 49ers make an It Gets Better video
  • Toyota challenges gender roles in Japanese commercial featuring androgynous model Stav Strashko
  • Hugh Hefner announces his support of marriage equality
  • Ezra Miller, star of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, comes out in an interview with Out Magazine
  • Equally Wed Magazine declares August 7th National Marriage Equality Day

July 2012

  • LGBT service men & women allowed to march in uniform at the San DIego Pride Parade
  • Campus Pride holds their annual Camp Pride week in Nashville, TN
  • LGBT activist Carl Siciliano honored by White House for his work with homeless LGBT youth
  • Pro-LGBT Catholic priest comes out, has been married for 14 years, and has officiated gay weddings
  • First gay Buddhist wedding held in Taiwan
  • Representative Barney Frank marries his long time partner
  • Google launches international LGBT rights campaign aimed at legalizing homosexuality
  • Bill Gates & Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer each donate $100,000 to marriage equality advocacy
  • Massachusetts transgender equality law comes into effect

June 2012

  • Boy Scout Board Member vows to fight the organizations’ anti-gay policy
  • Kylar Broadus becomes the first openly transgender person to testify before a Senate committee
  • MTV orders a second It Gets Better special
  • Miss USA crowned after announcing support for transgender women

May 2012

  • U.S. Court of Appeals rules DOMA unconstitutional
  • ACLU Lawsuit challenges Illinois gay marriage ban
  • Obama Campaign releases LGBT rights video
  • San Diego announces plans to name a street in honor of Harvey Milk
  • 3rd Annual Harvey Milk Day celebrated across the country
  • DC Comics announces that famous super hero, the Green Lantern, is gay
  • First Transgender Miss Universe Canada contestant wins Congeniality award
  • President Obama officially declares his support for same-sex marriage

April 2012

  • President Obama endorses Student Non-Discrimination & Safe Schools Improvement Act
  • GLSEN Day of Silence draws attention to silencing effect of bullying and harassment
  • White House hosts 4th LGBT Conference on HIV/AIDS
  • LAPD announces plans to create separate section for transgender inmates
  • Boston U. study reveals LGBT adults with parental support when coming out have less health issues
  • Miss Universe Organization allows for transgendered women to participate in future pageants
  • Kate McKinnon debuts for Saturday Night Live, making her the first openly gay female cast member

March 2012

  • GLSEN youth activists gather for Safe Schools Advocacy Summit with 62 Senators & 41 Representatives
  • National LGBT Health Awareness Week recognizing wellness as an essential element of LGBT justice
  • Obama officials panel discussion and workshops toward prevention of bulling of LGBT youth
  • FBI commences recruitment of LGBT representatives at each correctional facility to create awareness
  • GLAAD commences Commentator Accountability Project providing context to anti-LGBT activists’ quotes
  • Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) films an It Gets Better video
  • U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development establishes equal housing rule
  • StartOut hosts first LGBT Entrepreneurship awards in San Francisco
  • Minnesota’s Anoka-Hennepin School Board settles over harassment & bullying of LGBT students
  • Gov. Martin O’Malley signs marriage equality bill in Maryland
  • Illinois Human Rights Commission approves House Bill 5290 requiring prevention of bullying

February 2012

  • Lady Gaga launches Born This Way, a youth empowerment organization to create ‘braver, kinder’ world
  • It Gets Better special airs on MTV & Logo
  • Ethos launches the Ethos Equality Fund to support the aging LGBT community in Boston
  • Gov. Martin O’Malley’s bill to legalize same-sex marriage wins approval in Maryland
  • Oklahoma elects first openly gay state senator, State Rep. Al McAffrey
  • Gov. Christine Gregoire signs legislation for Washington to recognize gay marriage
  • White Collar’s Matt Bomer comes out during Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards
  • Federal appeals court rules Prop 8, stating marriage is only between a man & woman, unconstitutional
  • MTV announces Dan Savage’s TV special It Gets Better, documentary about LGBT youth airs Feb. 21

January 2012

  • GSA Day celebrates awareness education of homophobia and other forms of oppression in schools
  • Lesbians Lorelai Kilker & Col. Ginger Wallace invited to State of the Union address
  • President of Ecuador Rafael Correa appoints lesbian Carina Vance Mafla to Cabinet as Health Minister
  • GSLEN’s No-Name Calling Week draws needed attention to name calling in schools
  • Virginia Senator Adam Ebbin proposes bill banning discrimination against same-sex adoption
  • Gov. Deval Patrick signs Transgender Equal Rights Bill, protecting transgender people as a class
  • Virginia Board of Juvenile Justice votes to include sexual orientation in discrimination protections
  • Gay advocacy group One Iowa starts new campaign to sway public opinion in favor of marriage equality
  • GLSEN report reveals greater need for elementary schools to address LGBT issues
  • Glaxosmithkline makes an It Gets Better video
  • Arizona State Senator Kyrsten Sinema pursues a U.S. House seat as an open bisexual
  • House Bill 3281 in IL gives school boards power to suspend or expel students making explicit threats
  • Toronto Gay Hockey League makes an It Gets Better video

December 2011

  • Dreamworks Animation employees create an It Gets Better video
  • Officers Marissa Gaeta & Citilalic Snell first female couple to share their ‘first kiss’ on pier
  • Employees of Disney team up to film an It Gets Better video
  • Best Buy’s District 34 & Geek Squad city’s pride employees make an It Gets Better video
  • Officer Jase Daniels returns to active duty under repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy
  • Secretary of State HIllary Clinton declares ‘gay rights are human rights’ in speech to world leaders
  • Obama administration pledges to prioritize LGBT equality in foreign policy and other world agencies
  • Victim of bullying, Carl Walker Hoover’s family honored in episode of Extreme Maker: Home Edition

November 2011

  • First openly gay US legislator Barney Frank resigns after 32 years in office
  • MLB & MLB Players’ Association expand non-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation
  • O’Melveny & Myers makes an It Gets Better Project video
  • 13th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance honors those killed by anti-transgender hatred
  • House & Senate reintroduce the Domestic Partnership Benefits & Obligations Act
  • Hillary Clinton names Ellen DeGeneres as a special envoy for global AIDS awareness
  • The It Gets Better Project attends the Vegas Valley Book Festival
  • President Obama honors National Adoption Month by declaring his support for LGBT adoptive parents

October 2011

  • Miss Vermont 2011 makes an It Gets Better video
  • Millions of people wear purple on Spirit Day as a sign of support of LGBT youth and against bullying
  • Frank Kameny, grandfather of the LGBT rights movement dies at age 86
  • National Coming Out Day, a day for celebration and acceptance for LGBT everywhere
  • The Men of the Stacks Calendar is released with all proceeds benefiting the It Gets Better Project
  • Staff of San Francisco Interactive Children’s Science Museum makes an It Gets Better video
  • The cast of Dirty Girl makes an It Gets Better video
  • National Bullying Prevention Month

September 2011

  • A young soldier comes out to his father in an It Gets Better video the day DADT is repealed
  • Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is officially repealed
  • Soccer players from D.C. United make an It Gets Better video
  • The Department of Heath & Human Services unveils policy to enhance same-sex couple visitation rights
  • New Jersey passes “The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights,” the toughest anti-bullying law to date

August 2011

  • The Staff of the U.S. Department of the Interior makes an It Gets Better video
  • The Philadelphia Phillies make an It Gets Better video
  • The Tampa Bay Rays make an It Gets Better video
  • Ilinois’ Elmhurst College first to ask LGBT-orientation question in undergraduate application
  • Staples employees make an It Gets Better video
  • Multnomah County Board of Commissioners makes an It Gets Better video
  • Nokia employees make an It Gets Better video
  • Seattle’s Mariners, Seahawks, Sounders and Storm make a group It Gets Better video
  • Rise Against nominated for an MTV Video Music Award for Best Video with a Message for “Make it Stop”
  • Nancy VanReece, member of the Nashville GLBT Chamber of Commerce, makes an It Gets Better video
  • Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick makes an It Gets Better video
  • Washington University of St. Louis School of Medicine makes an It Gets Better video
  • Campus Pride awards 33 schools highest ratings for higher education on its Campus Climate Index

July 2011

  • Massachusetts Congressional Delegation makes an It Gets Better video
  • Baltimore Orioles make an It Gets Better video
  • True Blood’s show creator & cast members create an It Gets Better video
  • Harvard School of Education makes an It Gets Better video
  • Stephen Colbert makes an It Gets Better video
  • U.S. Senate makes history by conforming first gay man, J. Paul Oetken, to serve as a federal judge
  • Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy signs “Act Concerning the Strengthening of School Bullying laws”
  • Boston Red Sox make an It Gets Better video

June 2011

  • Ernst & Young employes make an It Gets Better video
  • Dan Savage & Terry Miller are Grand Marshalls of 42nd Annual NYC Pride Parade
  • Marriage Equality Act passed by NY State Senate 33-29
  • CA State Senate approve Seth’s Law to tighten anti-bullying policies and create safer environments
  • Rise Against releases music video for “Make it Stop” to support the It Gets Better Project
  • 24 Hour Fitness makes an It Gets Better video
  • CBS employees make an It Gets Better video
  • Chicago Cubs make an It Gets Better video
  • GM employees make an It Gets Better video
  • DELL employees make an It Gets Better video
  • Secretary of Education Arne Duncan issues warning against schools shutting down LGBT clubs & GSAs
  • Dan Savage & the It Gets Better Project receive a Webby Award for Achievement
  • First high school transgender prom queen makes an It Gets Better video
  • American Airlines LGBT employee group, GLEAM, makes an It Gets Better video
  • Boston Red Sox announce plans to make an It Gets Better video
  • Chicago Cubs announce plans to make an It Gets Better video
  • California Assembly approves Seth’s Law. Measure now moves to CA Senate.
  • San Francisco Giants first Major Professional Sports Team to make an It Gets Better video

May 2011

  • The Yale Divinity School makes an It Gets Better Project video
  • Texas Legislature passes anti-bullying law
  • Old Navy announces new line of Pride shirts in support of the It Gets Better Project
  • Terry Miller speak at his Shadle Park High School in Spokane, WA about the It Gets Better Project
  • 30th Annual Pride Run donates proceeds to the It Gets Better Project
  • Google Chrome It Gets Better video airs during NBA playoff
  • Google Chrome releases the It Gets Better themed commercial

April 2011

  • California Senate passes bill requiring public schools to teach history of the gay rights movement
  • Dan Savage & Terry Miller announced as NYC Pride March Grand Marshals
  • Apple employees make an It Gets Better video
  • Colgate University makes an It Gets Better video
  • California Assembly Education Committee passes Seth’s law to address school bullying
  • Beehive Books in Central Ohio celebrates the release of the It Gets Better book

March 2011

  • Dan Savage and Terry Miller speak at Seattle Town Hall about the It Gets Better book
  • Brazos Bookstore, an independent bookstore in Houston, celebrates the It Gets Better book release
  • The It Gets Better book is released
  • The National Gay Pilots Association makes an It Gets Better video
  • Bayer Healthcare makes an It Gets Better video
  • World Champion Boxer Sergio Martinez makes an It Gets Better video
  • The White House holds the Conference on Bullying Prevention

February 2011

  • Vancouver Men’s Chorus makes an It Gets Better video
  • Emory University President Jim Wagner makes an It Gets Better video
  • “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” broadway musical airs first broadcast of It Gets Better PSA on TV
  • Suny Geneseo makes an It Gets Better video
  • Employees of fab.com make an It Gets Better video
  • Solid Ground announces Dan Savage as keynote speaker at 11th Annual Building Community Luncheon
  • Derek Fabulous hosts It Gets Better Lounge at New York Fashion Week
  • The North Carolina State University GLBT Center makes an It Gets Better video

January 2011

  • Dining Out for a Cause in Washington, DC donated 10% of their proceeds to the It Gets Better Project
  • It Gets Better promoting project at Sundance and Slamdance Festival
  • Utah Senator Ross Romero makes an It Gets Better video
  • London Theatre community members make an It Gets Better video
  • Yahoo! Employees make an It Gets Better video
  • Employees of Eli Lilly & Co. make an It Gets Better Video
  • Employees of Microsoft GLEAM make an It Gets Better video

December 2010

  • GSA in Portland, ME held a make your own It Gets Better video event
  • LGBT Community Center in New Orleans hosts a make your own It Gets Better video
  • Rainbow Toastmasters in San Francisco hold fundraiser to benefit The Trevor Project & It Gets Better

November 2010

  • It Gets Better Project film festival held in Houston, TX concluded with a Gay Teen Awards Ceremony
  • Equality Spokane and Spotlight Lounge offer the chance for anyone to make an It Gets Better video
  • Houston hosts its first It Gets Better Project event to benefit the Trevor Project
  • Gender Rights Network & BGLAD at Boise State hold an It Gets Better anti-bully rally, march & vigil
  • Ohio State arranges for all students, faculty and staff to make their own it Gets Better videos
  • It Gets Better Project event at Soundbar in Lexington, KY raises over $10,000 for the Trevor Project
  • Eleven in West Hollywood hosts an evening to support the It Gets Better Project and the Trevor Proje

October 2010

  • Hiver.com in Seattle sponsors a Trevor Project fundraiser and offered the ability to upload videos
  • Ryerson University held an It Gets Better Project/Because We Make it Better event
  • Facebook employees post It Gets Better Video
  • Facebook employees post It Gets Better Video
  • The Abbey in West Hollywood creates a studio to make videos for the It Gets Better Project
  • Cal State Fullerton hosts opportunity to support LGBT youth through creating videos and writing
  • It Gets Better benefit at Rocca in Boston so anyone could record their own uplifting message
  • Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles records an It Gets Better video
  • It Gets Better project reaches 100,000 supporter mark
  • It Gets Better rally in Nova Scotia
  • It Gets Better achieves 10 million views on YouTube, website 2.0 launched
  • Google employees record It Gets Better video
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton records It Gets Better video
  • Adam Lambert records an It Gets Better video
  • Dan Savage holds conversation with 500 Rutgers University students
  • At Cure in New Orleans, cameras were set up for people to record their own It Gets Better videos
  • Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns broadcasts an It Gets Better video
  • Charlotte, NC—local LGBT organizations and groups host an It Gets Better candlelight vigil
  • Over 50 members of the Philadelphia community record messages of hope and support for LGBT youth
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet record an It Gets Better video
  • First official grassroots fundraiser in Washington, DC attracts 500 people
  • Initial website launched with the help of BlueStateDigital
  • Zachary Quinto records an It Gets Better video
  • Tim Gunn records an It Gets Better video
  • Ke$ha records an It Gets Better video
  • Anne Hathaway, Jenny McCarthy, Rex Lee, and Michael Chiklis record an It Gets Better video
  • Kathy Griffin records It Gets Better Video
  • Sarah Silverman records a video for the It Gets Better Project
  • Chris Colfer records a video for the It Gets Better Project
  • Chicago, IL Center on Halsted invited people to record their own videos for It Gets Better Project
  • Cast of Wicked records a video for the It Gets Better Project

September 2010

  • Lala and Ciara record a video for the It Gets Better Project
  • Castro Plaza in San Francisco, CA: Filmed an “It Gets Better” message with a large public crowd
  • Tyler Clementi from Rutgers University dies by suicide
  • Perez Hilton Records It Gets Better Project video
  • Dan Savage and his partner Terry Miller upload their first video to an official YouTube channel
  • Billy Lucas of Greensberg, Indiana dies by suicide.

July 2010

  • Justin Aaberg of Anoka, Minnesota dies by suicide.