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NZ Defence Force It Gets Better

The NZ Defence Force is made up of close to 14,000 men and women including Regular Force, Reserve Force, and civilian staff members across the armed services of Navy, Army and Air Force. As with any large organisation, our numbers are made up of a broad representation of society. The NZ Defence Force recognises this diversity as a strength, and is committed to supporting its people to enable them to perform at peak. OverWatch is a group that provides support and guidance to the NZ Defence Force's GLBTI community - as well as to their commanders and managers, families, friends and colleagues. OverWatch is a visible, vocal and valued part of our Defence Force - taking part in many public events that challenge stereotypes, promote the NZ Defence Force as an equitable employer and send a positive message to personnel who may feel the need for visible role models. This video was made by members of OverWatch on behalf of the NZ Defence Force.