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"It Gets Better" (GLBT Awareness Video)

Video by Heath Birchard. My friend Chad Duran decided to make a video explaining that as people of the GLBT community that the majority of us will face harassment at some point but that it gets better once you find your support group. We made this video in remembrance of Billy Lucas, 15 of Indiana who hung himself after enduring severe bullying from his classmates for being perceived as gay. The story can be found here: http://prop8trialtracker.com/2010/09/14/teen-boy-commits-suicide-in-indiana-after-school-bullying/ Please realize that GLBT harassment and bullying is a real problem and needs to be stopped. If you are reading this and knows what it feels like to be discriminated against and bullied, just know that you aren't always going to feel the depression. Get strong and be the fabulous PERSON that you are! But most importantly, know that IT GETS BETTER! smile