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my story for the It Gets Better Project - and invitation to participate in my senior thesis!

this is my submission for the it gets better project. the tragic events of september really encouraged me to do something that would encourage people to seek out help, rememeber those that have passed, and try to end this epidemic. for my senior thesis in photography i am creating a body of work titled So Long where I plan to pay homage and tribute to my GLBTQ brothers and sisters who ended their own lives because of struggles surrounding their sexual preference or identity. they lost hope and i want to reach out to them with my work. i will create one piece about and for each person that i learn about and hope that those who participate will find some peace (both on this side and the other). if you have a loved one (family member, partner, best friend) that ended their life because of the struggles surrounding their sexual orientation or identity and would like to participate in this project please email me at rainbowfaeries@gmail.com or find me on facebook my page address is http://www.facebook.com/haikumoon or message me on aim at entiredevotion. thank you for viewing!