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Make It Better -- so It Gets Better: DOs and DON'Ts for Parents

I invited my students to make a video for Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project as one option for their midterm assignment. But I realized I needed to put my media where my mouth is (and vice versa!), step up, and make my own contribution to the project. But, really, this is a message for parents of lgbtq youth to step up. Remember: when your son or daughter comes out to you, she is not only showing great courage, she is also showing YOU great love by sharing something important about herself with you. So pay it back, Mom and Dad (and other adults in a queer kid's life). Your kid needs and deserves your unconditional support. Social change doesn't happen over night. But you CAN make things better for your queer kid one day--and one supportive hug--at a time.