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It Gets Better - Make it better

It gets better. I am such a fan of this message because yes, the world is a sucky place and yes, growing up is a hard thing for queer (or any) youth and to show people that it doesn't stay bad is a beautiful, powerful thing. But for me, it was never really that bad to begin with. I learned the lesson of owning your identity and being whoever the hell you want no matter what anyone else says pretty early on and while I may not act it and may not show it all the time, I'm strong because of that. I'm privileged to be able to say that as someone who identifies as queer, I had it pretty damn good. Which is why I think it's a very important aspect of this message that yes, it gets better, but that doesn't necessarily mean it gets easier for everyone. For some people (historically those of multiple marginalized identities) it's a lot more work for things to get better and those of us who are so privileged as to be college-educated, white, middle-to-upper class males it's important for us to be allies and work to MAKE it better for everyone. It's uncomfortable and dirty work, but it needs to be done. "We must be the change we wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi Sorry about the bad video quality, I think it cut off the very end, but I was basically done anyways.