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Rabbi David Bauer -- It gets better

www.queerspiritualcounseling.com My contribution to the "It gets better" project. I'm a Gay, Reconstructionist rabbi, living in San Francisco, California. 50 years old. Made it through homophobic high school in Philadelphia. Made it through the first decades of the AIDS crisis. Made it to fifty. It got better. AFTERTHOUGHTS (things I might put in a second video): The Gay hotline in Philadelphia -- run by the long gone Eromin Center (Erotic Minorities) -- totally saved me in those days. Having older Gay people who would take my calls, listen to me (for hours), keep me company, and reassure me was a huge lifeline. That's what this project is, in a way, being present for each other. Fulfilling our responsibilities as older members community, being present for kids or anyone who needs the reassurance. Also, I really lucked out through my involvement with theatre. I found Queer and Queer-friendly community the minute I started working, even as an apprentice, even as a student. As Tim Gunn says, you can't do it alone. And no one should have to.