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Real Estate Personality Herman was a Bullied Outcast!

Hermanity Fans, please indulge me in this romp down memory lane. It is not related to real estate but it is equally important. This episode is for Dan Savage's ItGetsBetterProject (http://www.youtube.com/itgetsbetterproject) that battles bullying. For all the kids (and adults) out there who get stepped on, take solace that even I, Herman, the glittering real estate personality, was a total outcast. And you know what.... I still am! Your 'otherness' will catapult you to the stars...but only if you embrace it! It is a gift. Tap into it! It's REAL ESTATE with a PUNCHLINE! Watch Top Real Estate Expert Herman put the REAL back in REALTY. Helpful, hilarious & always hellacious! It's www.HabitatforHermanity.com!