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It Gets Better, punkins...IT GETS BETTER!!!

This is BIG MEACH and I am concerned with all of those who are troubled and feel that SUICIDE is the ONLY WAY OUT....and that is NOT true, babies. We have lost 10 babies in September alone because they have been perceived to be and/or ARE LGBT and this is one of the ways I want to let you know that SUICIDE IS NOT THE ANSWER, punkins.........YOU CAN"T be your ULTIMATE if you are not here to do what you are ordained to do!! It's NOT EASY and YES, we do have an improper world that has a lot of issues that we must overcome STILL, BUT you MUST KNOW that IT GETS BETTER than what you see right now!! It Gets BETTER than the bullies at school, BETTER than those who talk about you and want to have you believe that you don't belong. YOU WERE BORN FOR A REASON...TO BE GREAT AT WHAT IT IS YOU LIKE TO DO.....We've got to find what you gifts are and LET YOUR GIFTS sustain you....Let you INTELLECT take you to the places where KINGS AND QUEENS VALUE your opinions and YOUR WORTH.....Let your hobbies take you to places where you can FIND JOY and LAUGHTER and FUN that will take away all the blues and low times when life doesn't make any sense!! IT GETS BETTER babies......IT GETS BETTER!! I PROMISE YOU, IT GETS BETTER!! Know that IF YOU EVER NEED to talk or REACH OUT TO SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS WHAT YOU MAY BE GOING THROUGH OR JUST NEED AN EAR TO VENT.....CONTACT ME TWITTER: BigMeach1 FACEBOOK: Demetris Dennis Taylor