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It Gets Better: Anthony Antoine (Atlanta)

Inspired by the five young men who killed themselves this month alone - America, WE ARE IN A CRISIS! Inspired by watching my Brother Kevin E. Taylor's contribution, I wanted to speak my truth too, add my 2 cents to the "It Gets Better" campaign. Dan Savage and his partner Terry have started a much needed project called "It Gets Better." Through a collection of videos from across the world, the project aims to let all of those who are struggling with their sexuality and gender identity know that it does get better. For anyone who has lost hope to hold on to your sweet, special yet lesbian or gay or bisexual or transgender or even questioning (LGBTQ) life...FIND US! This is Our reaching out to you. We too understand and have been there...but trust Us, IT GETS BETTER! WE are here for you. WE love you. WE understand all too well because we were there too...but trust Us, it gets better. It gets better! IT GETS BETTER!!! www.facebook.com/anthonyantoine