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It Gets Better: National Coming Out Day 2012

On National Coming Out Day (Thursday, October 11th, 2012), we launched the first of our live Google+ Hangouts: It Gets Better Plus! The video chat hangout features It Gets Better Project Co-Founder Dan Savage; StandUp Foundation's Chairman Ben Cohen, MBE; and writer/activist Janet Mock as well as other It Gets Better supporters answering your questions about LGBT issues and coming out! This is the main hangout and then the following breakout sessions shortly after. Visit http://www.itgetsbetter.org/hangout to view the other hangout videos. The hangout is also live at the It Gets Better YouTube channel, now associated with TakePart TV. These hangouts are our chance to give LGBTQ youth a forum to answer questions relating to coming out and to share inspiring stories of those who have come out. As with all of our It Gets Better videos, these discussions will forever live on our website and serve as a resource for LGBTQ youth considering coming out!